After red wine, white is the most popular type in the world. It often has a broader appeal due to its smooth taste and versatility. White wines tend to go with a greater amount of dishes than reds. It is also chilled, making it ideal for the hotter months of the year. Furthermore, white wine is an ingredient in a wide range of cocktails.


It is fair to say that Chardonnay is the number one white wine. It is the perfect one to choose when first starting out a wine tasting experience. The oaked version is particularly popular with drinkers all over the world. It usually has a rich vanilla flavouring. The wood ageing can also make it very rich on the palate. Chardonnay goes very well with meaty dishes such as steak.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc was invented by the French but has gained greater commercial popularity with winemakers in New Zealand. This wine is best drank during the summer, especially when properly chilled. The New Zealand version of sauvignon blanc smells of fresh grass, as well as a balanced acidity. However, people who want a more subtle wine are better off going with Sancerre.

Pinot Grigio

In the nation of Italy, this is by far the most drank type of white wine. Pinot grigio is well known to fans of white wine because of its refreshing fruity flavours. These can include apple, lime or lemon. Unlike common sweeter wines, this one is much drier. It goes very well with seafood dishes. Fans of pinot grigio may also enjoy Greek Assyrtiko or Spanish Albarino.


Riesling comes from Germany and has two forms: dry or sweet. Both are certainly worth trying. Austria is the best place to find the driest type. The wine has flavours of apricot, pineapple, lemon and lime.