It is no easy task for a sommelier to perform well enough to win an award. To do so, they will need to excel above all others in their field. There are several factors to consider for sommeliers who want to attain awards.

Learn the Wine List Inside Out

This is crucial to being a professional wine server. They need to know the differences between each wine being sold. Variations can include the colouring, flavour, texture and region of origin. It is a good idea to take the time to get to know each wine to discover their unique qualities.

Be a Great People Person

It is not just a knowledge of wine that makes a great sommelier. It should be remembered that their job involves interacting with the general public. They need the ability to talk to guests in a formal but friendly manner. This often requires years of experience in the service industry.

Be Able to Pair Wine With Food Dishes

Many sommeliers work in restaurant settings. They need to be able to suggest the right wine to go with specific dishes. This is a complex skill, and only people with a good sense of taste can perfect it.

To become an award-winning sommelier means not just getting to know the wines but also how they each combine with the flavours of foods. Luckily there are already several established rules when it comes to pairing. This should make things much easier.

Get to Know the Tastes of Guests

Sometimes the guests will have a specific tasting experience in mind. It is the job of the sommelier to know the best wines to match the preferences of guests. This may involve asking them questions about the wines they have enjoyed in the past. The main goal is to give guests the best experience possible.