Concours A.S.I. & APAS du meilleur sommelier des amériques
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The Contest of the Best Sommelier of the Americas will start on ‐ May 21 to 24 2018 ‐

Logo of the Canadian Association of the Professional Sommeliers

Description of the Event

Bringing together the best sommeliers in the Americas and the world, this 4-day event will take place in Montréal, an exciting city known for its knowledge of the wine world and its considerable sommelier talent pool.

The competition winner will represent the Americas at the 2019 World’s Best Sommelier Competition in Belgium.

The event will reach its peak on the last day, when the top sommeliers will demonstrate their astounding skills and knowledge. Then, the winner will be announced at a gala dinner.


APAS Competitors, Regional Presidents, Press (40-44)

44 delegates representing 2 competitors (each country’s 2 top sommeliers), country sommelier association presidents and vetted press agents from countries that are members of APAS and part of A.S.I

ASI Technical Committee (10)

10 of the most distinguished wine professionals of the world led by Gerard Basset (Best Sommelier of the World 2010) & one of the few people to hold the rare distinction of MS (Master Sommelier) and MW (Master of Wine)

ASI Country Presidents (15-20)

P ASI Country presidents & other selected guests (top sommelier of Europe) from Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania will be invited as guests.

CAPS National Board (10))

A group of key influencers in their respective regions representing both trade & media.

Regional, National & International Press (15-20)

In addition to member country press, a strategic list of key media from Quebec, Canada and international press will be invited to witness this historic event for the Canadian sommelier community/wine industry.

Quebec Trade

Quebec sommeliers and industry partners will be invited attend all events.



About CAPS

The Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS) is a pan-Canadian non-profit organization representing the sommelier trade.

5 regional chapters from coast to coast representing key influencers in the restaurant trade, journalists and educators.

Full member of ASI (Association Sommellerie Internationale) with 56 member countries, a global and highly influential sommelier organization.

Founding member of APAS (Alliance of Pan American Sommeliers) with 11 member countries.

A leading sommelier educator in Canada.

CAPS’ Mission and objectives

Our mission as a not-for-profit organization is to call attention to the sommelier's profession, to encourage members to pursue continued education and to promote a deeper understanding of the sommelier’s role in the hospitality industry, for the benefit of consumers all over Quebec, Canada and the world.

Our mission is also to develop knowledge as well as service and administrative skills required by sommeliers. Finally, the CAPS is a hub for camaraderie, professional development and networking amongst members.

Our objectives:

Collaborate on sommelier training programs and contribute to their development

Every 3 years, hold the Quebec’s Best Sommelier competition, the Best Ontario Sommelier Competition and the Atlantic Canada’s Top Sommelier competition

Every 3 years, hold the Canada’s Top Sommelier competition

Promote the profession by participating in national and international sommelier competitions

Bring together professional sommeliers, to defend and reinforce the title through annually renewable accreditation

Encourage the owners and managers of hotels and restaurants to hire professional sommeliers

Offer exclusive privileges to professional sommeliers and those who support them (restaurants, media, SAQ, agencies)

Since 1989, CAPS has gained an international profile, in particular because of its participation in the World’s Best Sommelier Competition and the Best Sommelier of the Americas contest:

Élyse Lambert

2009 Best Sommelier of the Americas, and 5th place at the 2016 World’s Best Sommelier Competition

Véronique Rivest

2012 Best Sommelier of the Americas, and 2nd place at the 2013 World’s Best Sommelier Competition

Ghislain Caron

2004 Best Sommelier of the Americas

Alain Bélanger

3rd place at the 2000 World’s Best Sommelier Competition

François Chartier

3rd place at the 1995 World’s Best Sommelier Competition